Project Highlights

Trio Clothing

A collaboration to make a fun shopping website. Grace's playful design work made this site one of my favorite to date. The ecommerce solution used allows for administration of every aspect of the website without intervention of a programmer for day to day updating of products and order fulfillment.
Trio Clothing
   Graphic Design: Heather Grace Gordy of GGSugarSmack

Keystone Engineering
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Keystone Engineering Wireless Bridge

Having their offices seperated by two blocks was hindering the efficiency of their manufacturing process. Conventional wireless solutions simply do not cover that kind of distance. Using high gain circularly polarized antennas, we cut through the distance and trees to allow the entire company to function as one network. Now they can place people in either location and work as if they were down the hall from each other.


A program created for the City of Houston's downtown businesses to track and report local crime incidents. Multiple levels of administration allow businesses to report problems and an administrator then can track and send reports to the applicable authority.

Downtown Entertainment District
   Graphic Design: Jeff McLaughlin of
Radiant Creative Group


Houston's Downtown Entertainment District. This project was constructed to give people a coherent message about what is happening and what to do in Houston's downtown area. In order to maintain up to date information on the web site it allows each individual business to update their listing, as well as maintain a calendar of their events. All this information is then available to the individual businesses through RSS.

Hand and Wrist Center of Houston Electronic Medical Records

The goals of this project are efficiency and reliability. Built on the engine made by Nextgen Medical Systems, it was produced for Hand and Wrist Center of Houston. The limiting factor for any medical practice is the time a physician has to handle patients. Using automation this program alleviates much of the repetitive tasks that a doctor and his staff must do on a constant basis. Thus freeing the physician to interact with more patients for a longer duration.
Hand and Wrist Center of Houston NextGen EMR

MD Anderson Project Success
   Graphic Design: Jeff McLaughlin of Radiant Creative Group

Project Success

Project Success is a smoking cessation program run by MD Anderson Cancer Center. The study involved creating a web site to help support program participants in their efforts to quit smoking. Each participant is tracked over a year long period involving 7 surveys of about 100 questions each. After each survey is taken the questions are automatically weighted and a newsletter is generated based on the answers given. The programming allowed both dynamic updating of the questions given and allowed for changing of the scoring and newsletter generated.


MissNics is a shopping storefront for couture items that were featured on a semi-weekly basis. The premise of the site is to use email campaigns to sell a small amount of high end fashion products to a targeted audience.